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Menopause Wellness Gift Set

Menopause and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency; helping women make more informed choices.

Go on a journey of self discovery in a safe and supportive space with a qualified menopause practitioner.

Take charge of your menopause and practice techniques to reduce stress and improve your future bone, heart, brain and pelvic health.

Learn how to nurture ourselves with holistic practices.

Essential handmade eye pillow filled with linseed, organic lavender, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Plant based, vegan friendly Essential Balm to help with the associated symptoms of the menopause.

Essential Ylang Ylang, Turmeric and Black Pepper Soap helpful for the menopause.

I was diagnosed with  “premature menopause” as it was called then in my early twenties, I am now 50 years old. Now known as premature ovarian insufficiency or POI.

Over the years POI has created many emotional and physical challenges and has been an emotional rollercoaster becoming positively childless.

Equally it has helped inspire me to research the best way to help myself and others in a similar position. A fitness instructor at the time of diagnosis and wanting to know more this set me on the path to all my biological science training and the rest of my career.

I am an award winning Uk based Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher, Menopause Practitioner and Breath Coach. I offer consultations, yoga classes and workshops specifically sequenced for POI and the menopause. This includes nervous system regulation breathing techniques and asanas to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy and improve sleep.

Menopause Wellness Gift Set

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