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One month of training voucher and a Essential Eye Pillow

Our training method
Our coaching involves a Multidisciplinary approach to overall health and fitness.

Over many years as a trainer I have often seen people stick to one method of training leading to repetitive injuries.

Motivation also soon fades when boredom sets in and many go back to the bad habits they were trying to change.

I have found Training in one discipline may increase your performance in the other. Combining many practices can help boost flexibility, strength, and stability in less time.

Adding breathing techniques and a daily practice of yoga flow and flexibility coaching alongside my existing training disciplines has enabled me to move freely and eased so much of the pain I was suffering on a daily basis.

Want to know more?
We offer affordable pay monthly fitness coaching with ongoing support and personalised programs.

Who choose us instead of a gym?
Our approach is one day at a time and one step at a time.

Our method is designed to help you succeed and make changes to your lifestyle slowly.

We help you take small steps, focusing on each day and work out what sensible life changes you can make.

Ideal for those who require 1-2-1 support to make lifestyle changes.

Your self care investment includes:

⭐️ monthly training plan structured to fit into your lifestyle

⭐️ 2 live one hour training sessions a month included in your plan online or in person

⭐️ regular check in on your progress

⭐️ sensitivity to invisible illnesses

⭐️ learn breathing exercises

⭐️ #strength #balance #flexibility

⭐️ mindfulness session

⭐️ exercise for mental health

⭐️ affordable fitness and life coach support

⭐️ lifestyle goals, how to add exercise into your routine

⭐️ how to change your mindset

Use the essential eye pillow to help calm and rest the mind. Weighted pillows create weight against the pressure points around the eyes and face which can be helpful for stress, headaches and migraines.

Monthly Training Plan Voucher and a Essential Eye Pillow

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