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Empowering Women On Their Menopause Journey

At Forest Haven Suffolk, we believe in the power of open conversations and mutual support when it comes to navigating premature menopause and POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency). Led by award-winning menopause practitioner Abigayle Myers-Drake, we offer personalised wellness coaching and classes specifically tailored to those experiencing POI and menopause.

Take some time out and go on a journey of self discovery in a safe and supportive space. Take charge of the menopause and practice techniques to reduce stress, improve your future bone, heart, and brain health. Learn how to nurture ourselves with holistic practices.

My journey as a “POF Warrior” (premature ovarian failure) started in my early twenties, known then as the premature menopause. 30 years later the journey so far has been long, challenging and a emotional rollercoaster becoming positively childless. Equally it has helped inspire me to research the best way to help myself and others in a similar position.

Lets get everyone talking about Menopause and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency!

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