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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Holistic Services In Suffolk

I have just completed my first yoga session with Abigayle as part of my monthly wellness plan and it was a great experience. Having worked in health and fitness myself a few years ago I was very impressed with Abigayle's attention to detail and straightforward clear instructions and training cues. On top of this, she had clearly listened too and assessed my training needs and had developed an excellent comprehensive one hour session including targeted shoulder opening exercises which was not only perfectly pitched and suited to my goals but was also challenging enough to complete in a comfortable way which left me with a positive feeling of having moved and opened my body. I was particularly impressed by how effective relatively easy to perform movements taught in the correct way could be. I’m looking forward to the next session on the monthly wellness plan.

- Alan, Woodbridge 

I was lucky to receive the lavender weighted eye pillow & a yoga gift card for Christmas and I’m so grateful that I did. The pillow helps you shut off from around you, so you can focus on your breathing. Talking to Abi, her positivity and passion to make wellness accessible for everyone, made me feel instantly at ease during our session. She gently guided me through some restorative yoga & yoga breathing exercises. I forgot all about my anxiety and my inexperience and was able to do the downward dog, which I never imagined possible for my first time! Thank you Abi, I will continue to practise these techniques.

- Chloe, Ipswich

​Abigayle is one of my favourite yoga teachers. Her classes are engaging and her cues are always clear, I've gained so much from practicing with her! She's extremely experienced at tailoring her classes for all levels with perfect modifications. I always look forward to class :)

- Elspeth, Scotland

It sounds corny, but one appointment with Roy really did change my life. I had been following the Slimming World plan with some success for a while but had hit a plateau. I was also suffering IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) on an almost daily basis. All in all I was starting to feel pretty fed up and miserable! Following a food sensitivity screen Roy suggested I cut out carrots and yoghurt for a month, together with some other dietary tips to see if that helped. To be honest, I laughed at first, but gave it a go. I couldn’t believe it when it worked! The bloating stopped and the diet seemed to get back on track too.

- Kate, South Norfolk

My decision to start training with Abi 15 years ago was inspired! The difference in my physical condition is astonishing and rather than feeling older and more exhausted I genuinely feel rejuvenated. The move to their own premises in Framlingham and then Rendlesham has added privacy and flexibility, add massage the steam room and hot tub – well I am extremely happy (and fit).

- Richard, Woodbridge

​I was fortunate to have a face to face class in which Abi combined flexibility coaching, trapeze yoga and breath work, with all covid precautions in place. Her knowledge (and sense of humour!) makes each lesson so enjoyable and interesting. I learn something new every time and really admire her continual training in her practice. Can't recommend her more highly :-)

- Laura, Bournemouth

As a client of Roy's, I have found him to be friendly, professional and honest. His open approach and guidance have helped me explore issues within myself - gaining me confidence and aiding my self-esteem. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone wanting to restore balance in their lives.
In my experience Roy is a very good hypnotherapist and reflexologist. He is an attentive and empathic listener. Now I have had treatments for more than a year, I see Roy as my guru and friend.

- Carole, North East Norfolk

I am so impressed so far with both the yoga trapeze and breath work! The breathing exercises are invigorating and relaxing and I’m already feeling a difference in my legs from practicing the yoga. Can’t wait to develop this further 

- Jacqui, Ipswich

Thank goodness for Forest Haven! Suffering from back pain I used to be reluctant about exercise until Abi taught me many ways to release and strengthen my body. But more than that, I’ve learnt ways to cope with my anxiety problems in a caring, open minded and truly tranquil environment. Would be totally lost without these guys!

- Jennifer, Woodbridge

The therapeutic treatments offered, took away all the stress and made me feel more relaxed than ever before.

- Marcia, Felixstowe

Can't get over this beautiful experience! The Swedish massages were out of this world! 

Thanks Again!

- Danielle & Barry

We had great fun trying aerial yoga for the first time followed by a relaxing back massage. 

- Katie

We would definitely recommend a massage with the lovely Roy....well worth the money and very relaxing. 

- Dawn

Feeling relaxed thanks to Roy at Forest Haven for a much needed massage. Would definitely recommend!


- Hayley

Great Pilates session followed by a lovely massage! Thank you.

- Katrina

Just had the most amazing massage Forest Haven. Can't recommend it enough, so relaxing. 

- Teresa

Massage was amazing! What a treat!!! 

- Chantel

I have been attending Abi’s yoga classes for about seven years now having been recommended by a friend. Throughout this time I have found her to be an excellent yoga teacher & have benefitted greatly from attending her classes.
In more recent years Abi has also become my Personal Trainer. She has taken time & care to set up a training programme to suite my needs & has done so very successfully with my goals having been achieved.  have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Abi

- Roseanne, Leiston

I started going to Abi's fitness classes about 6 years ago and after every session I always feel that I have had a good physical workout. Her classes always have new or different challenges in them and Abi is a great motivator encouraging people to work to the best of their ability. I particularly enjoy the Yoga-Pilates classes as they have helped me to improve my flexibility and strength. I have also done personal training with Abi and the sessions have always been fun but very focused. Abi has helped me to achieve a toned body and healthier lifestyle and this has had a very positive effect on my life.

- Sue, Felixstowe

I enjoy my personal training sessions with Abi very much. The fantastic facilities along with her friendly and professional approach make exercising fun and interesting. To be able then spend time in the steam room after working out is an added luxury.

- Sarah, Ipswich

I initially went to see Roy for food sensitivity testing. I had been suffering from IBS and ME for many years and was feeling very rough. During these tests, it became clear that Roy cared and could help me on many levels and I found him very easy to talk to. I have been seeing him ever since on a regular basis. He has helped me in many ways and I am feeling much happier in myself. What I like about Roy is his non-judgemental approach, his good listening skills and his sense of humour. He is very refreshing. Also what is different with Roy is his ability to combine treatments, being qualified in so many areas – Counselling, reflexology, hypnotherapy, massage and reiki, to name a few. This can be very useful, especially with an illness as diverse as ME, and a person as diverse as ME!
If you want to change your life, please give Roy a ring – he does not bite (and he has not paid me to say this, it is genuinely how I feel.

- Lucy, Norwich

I came for a consultation with Roy Drake for a food intolerance test and nutrition advice. I found Roy very informative and he was able to advise me on which foods to avoid and possibly cut out, and suggested other foods that could either be replaced or used instead. After taking the advice given, I went on to feel much healthier, my weight loss increased and my overall being was good. Roy came across as professional and very knowledgeable.

- Pauline, Bury St Edmunds

Roy has provided me with sports therapy massage for over a year now. His treatments have helped me in both competitive and leisure cycling, helping recovery as well as alleviating discomfort, especially from an old hamstring injury. One of the things I like about Roy is the mix of a friendly yet professional approach with a wide range of knowledge, including dietary advice and exercise tips as well as helping keep me focused and motivated. I’ve also learnt the importance of rest to help achieve my goals!

- Paul, Norwich

I have appreciated the following in working with Roy:
He uses language that is refreshingly free of jargon

  • He draws upon a variety of theoretical models but never retreats into an abstract world

  • He has a direct approach

  • The sessions are enjoyable, thought-provoking and there is a real sense of cumulative progress

  • There is often a real sense of fun

Roy has a very professional approach and I think that he strikes the right balance between control and partnership in the working relationship.

- Chris, Norwich

Roy has carried out food intolerance testing on separate occasions for both of my young sons and myself. On each occasion he found certain foods that may be the cause of the problems we were each experiencing and was able to suggest more suitable alternatives for us. He also recommended suitable vitamins and minerals that would be beneficial and gave us other helpful nutritional information.

Since following Roy’s advice, we have all experienced a significant improvement in our initial symptoms, and I recommend that if anyone suspects a food intolerance is behind any problem they are currently experiencing that they should seek Roy’s help. The test is absolutely painless: no blood or pin-pricks are involved!

Roy has shown himself to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and has a completely holistic approach to health. He is very friendly and approachable, and welcomes any queries you may have during your consultation.

- Lynda, Diss

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